1988 - 1993


Everything started back in the year 1988. The base of our company was established by ÖIAG (Austrian industry-holding Ltd), by a notarial act on November 23rd. The vision was clear - to build a waste management company. At the helm of the company in January 1989 were two men; Mr. Haas and Rudolf Platzer. The name of the new waste management company within ÖIAG at that time was SEH (Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Holding).

The name SEH was not considered to be particularly “sexy”, so the SEH management, in cooperation with an agency, decided to create a new company name which should be easy to remember and better describe it's activities.

.A.S.A. (Abfall Service Austria) entered the scene in 1991, as well as the 4 points in it's new name. The first point at the beginning was especially important - thanks to this .A.S.A. always appears (or very often at least) at the outset of alphabetical lists. The new logo was accompanied by a corporate design specification using the blue (transitional one) and white colors.

The year 1993 (also including1994) was a crisis year, not only for .A.S.A. but for the Austrian market as a whole. Because of over-capacities at the landfills, landfill prices sank drastically overnight. The new owner of .A.S.A. - EDF (Électricité de France) - who arrived in 1993, provided valuable support during those difficult times.

Our results/How we succeed

Headcounts External sales MEUR

New technologies & facilities

  • Large-scale sorting plant put into operation at Asten, near Linz (A)
  • Opening of the landfill in Únanov (CZ)

Construction and opening of the Landfill in Praha Ďáblice (CZ)

New acquisitions

1988 (November)

First acquisition - the Schöffel Group - with Halbenrain landfill, including an engineering company.

1991 - 1993

The activities expanded within the first 5 years from South Austria, to Eastern Austria. The expansion continued over the Austrian border to the Czech Republic (Brno-1991 and Prague-1993), Hungary (Debrecen-1992) and Slovakia (1992).